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1. Limited Warranty

This warranty extends only for products with the Sagnus brand sold by Sagnus. This warranty exclusively concerns the buyer that purchases the products directly from Sagnus.

2. Conditions

  • Sagnus' warranty applies only to the buyer. Any item returned must be compliant with the Sagnus' warranty Terms.
  • All warranties must be registered on the www.sagnus.com website. Warranty starts on the date of the purchase and ends after 12 months. Purchases made over 12 months ago will not be covered by warranty.
  • Warranty covers any technical, mechanical and electrical related issues.
  • Returned products will be investigated, Sagnus may not cover the products under warranty if damaged by water, fire, accidental or intentional damage, lost or stolen.
  • No distributor, agent, dealer or reseller is authorized to modify, adapt or extend these warranty conditions.
  • This warranty only applies if the product is used correctly as the user manual states. Opening, disassembly or any other improper use/damage to Sagnus products and their accessories, including packaging, will not be covered by warranty.
  • Once authorized for warranty, the buyer may choose between a replacement of the item with a new one or a full refund. Shipping goods back to Sagnus is at the buyer's expense.
  • Replaced items' warranty may not be extended and preserve its original length of warranty (12 months after original purchase).
  • All information collected from the user in the warranty registration process is under our privacy policy. We may use the collected information for marketing purposes.

Contact us at support@sagnus.com to request a return, exchange or refund.